Stream on display ports


I am looking for documentation on getting a Quadro card to output some video streams on display ports.


  • The OS is CentOS 7.
  • The card is a Quadro M6000.
  • There are 4 display ports on the card.
  • I want to feed each of the 4 display ports with a specific video stream.
  • I use CUDA/OpenGL to generate/buffer the images to be streamed on each port.
  • I don’t know how to map the display ports to the OpenGL context.

I already posted about this in the CUDA forums, and I was told to repost here instead.

Note that as far as I know OpenGL does not allow one to enumerate the available display devices. There was an old extension for this purpose called “present_video”, but its symbol no longer appears in the library. I guess it’s deprecated.

Does anyone know which API is responsible for configuring the display ports? Is there any documentation related to this?