Stream usage and memory allocation in Python with VPI (Release 1.2 or 2.0)

I have a general question about the capabilities of the Python API for VPI. I followed this webinar, which is about VPI 1.1 and it said that the Python API is not capable of stream creation and handling, that it executes everything sequentially and parallel execution is only available in the C/C++ API. It also stated that memory allocation is also not possible using Python, but it is planned to be included in future releases.

The question is that since then VPI Release 1.2 appeared for Jetpack 4.6.1. and VPI Release 2.0 for Jetpack 5.0. Does this limitation still apply or is it possible to use all these features in Python too? (I couldn’t find any example in Python, so if it possible, a link would also be appreciated.)

Thank you!