Streaming connection container headless instance on server


I am using an Isaac Sim container installation on a remote server. I was able to access the headless mode from the simulator by setup an ssh tunnel from the server (Port 8211 and 8899) to my host, and then access via the browser client. Unfortunately, I cannot open Ports directly on the Server.

The next step would be to use a live streaming while running the examples (for example “ task=Ant headless=True enable_livestream=True”). I tried to use the streaming client and do an ssh tunneling for all the ports specified here. Unfortunately, I did not get an image.

What would be the correct way to achieve this?

Thank you very much

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Hi @davzehnd - Have tried to set up the port as mentioned in the document?

Yes, I tried to set up an SSH Tunnel to all the specified ports, but still no image.

Hi. I am afraid you need to open those ports on the Server for OV streaming client to connect.

Well, thats sad. So it won’t work for me. Thanks for the answer.

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