Streaming freezes as running live demo on jetbot

As we ran collision_avoidance live demo on jetbot with wifi, the streaming froze easily. While we ran the demo with Ethernet, the streaming ran smoothly.

The USB wifi we used is EDIMAX EW-7811Un.
Thank you for any advice to improve the streaming performance on jetbot.
Does Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 help the performance? Does jetbot image already support Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265?


Hi, HuiW

You can follow the topic bellow to update your driver to improve the performance.

For Intel AC-8265 module, it works well on Jetbot. Feel free to use it.
Be aware that nano can only work at no more than 10W mode with usb-cab power supply.
For better performance, We recommend a DC power supply.

I had that issue during that part of the demo with edimax. I haven’t tested with 8265 personally but others report it working well.

Also, this may sound silly, but you could try another USB port. One of mine misbehaves with some devices.

Hi Alanz,

Thank you so much for your prompt support.
I will test it.

Please correct me, if I missed up your advice.
If we like to use usb-cab power supply, we should set Nano to nvpmodel 1 – 5W.

If we use a battery power with power core connected on jetbot, how to set nvpmodel and jetson_clocks?

Thank you,

Yes, your are right.

With DC input or directly pin connected to the nano dev kit, there will be no limited on the power input. but Nano can work at up to 5V4A(Max 20W) mode. So the working mode (nvpmodel -m x / Jetson_clocks) is up to your capability of the battery. 5V is the fix voltage input.