Streaming object recognition output to iOS

I’m making an application on iOS which will narrate (TTS) the text output of the object recognition.
How could I stream the text output (top left corner of the screen) to an iOS application? Would Gstream help in any way? Do I need to setup a RTSP or UDP connection?

For streaming video content to iOS, a valid use-case is HTTP live streaming. You may refer to this post:
HLS Live streaming - #4 by DaneLLL

Thank you Dane, but what if I just want to stream the text without any video? Would HTTP live streaming still work?

In DeepStream SDK we have implementation for uploading metadata to cloud server, such as kafka. But not sure if it is possible to set up cloud server on iOS. This would need other users to share experience.
Now the valid use-cases we have seen on forum is to compress video frames to h264/h265 and stream to another device through RTSP or UDP.

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