Streaming of live video from Nano Camera onto an iPhone

I am trying to create a setup where I can see the live video through a wirelessly connected iPhone running a basic app to see the video feed that the Nano is connected to. I am currently using a E-Consystem Hyperon camera connected via USB. I installed a wireless NIC card on the Nano and I have it connected to a wireless router.

Can I see a USB connected camera or does it have to be an IP camera?
Can anybody recommend an iOS app that I can use?
Will I have to load anything on the Nano side to make this work?

Any help that can be provided is very much appreciated.

One valid case is to use http live streaming. Please check

You can use Safari browser to open the stream.

thank you for the info. I was able to get it to stream through the VLC media player. It actually worked very nicely. I had it set up so it would stream from the NANO to an iPad through a local wifi network using VLC.