Streaming out opencv image on network using jetson tk1

I am setting this topic as i am facing an issue that my poor gstreammer capabilities are not able to deal with. Briefly, I have make an application that fetch a webcam frame, detect some objects and put some additional information on this frame and need stream it through network. All this processing and fetching is done through opencv.finally i have opencv Mat image that needs to be send it over network. The actual issue is it needs to be live streaming with minimum latency? It can be either UDP /RTSP??

How could i achieve this ? Can able provide any sample/example application that streams out opencv image over network?

Satheesh Ramasamy

Hello, Satheesh Ramasamy:
Other than GST, you can take a look at tegra_multimedia_api. It provides some low level API samples for multimedia (encoding/decoding), camera, CUDA processing, etc.


Hi Chenjian,

Thanks for it,

But i couldnt find any documentation/examples for those api’s.can u help me by providing a best example for our solution?

Thanks in advance,
Satheesh Ramasamy

The examples jachen mentioned should be installed on the board in the “ubuntu” user’s home directory. If not, you may need to flash the OS again via JetPack.