streaming textures from pbo with resident textures


I am streaming a video signal to a OpenGL Texture using a PBO. Now I tried switching to use resident textures, but the resident texture part doesn’t seem to work for me.
After creating the texture I get a proper texture handle, I set the 64bit value for my sampler in the shader. Yet it only seems to work if I bind the texture prior to drawing. glMakeTextureHandleResidentARB doesn’t seem to work properly.
Or am I missing something?

my code works as follows:

map pbo -> update with video frame -> unmap pbo -> bind pbo -> glTextureSubImage2D -> unbind pbo -> (bind texture) -> draw

Actually I was using a persistent mapped buffer for the pbo, but I switched back to map/unmap until the rest is working as well.

If I leave out the (bind texture) before the draw it stops working.
I call glMakeTextureResidentARB after getting the handle and for the my quick text I leave it resident.

I am using Windows 7, GTX970 with 368.39 driver and a 4.5 GL context.

Thanks for any help