Streaming USD on mobile device (ios/Android) create in Omniverse Create


We have created a scene of office floor indoor with multiple objects and animations using Omniverse Create. For showcasing the demo on a mobile device (iOS/ Android) how can we stream the app?
We have tried using CloudXR but unable to connect to cloudXR from Create app. Is there any way to stream non AR applications ?

Hi @darshhv1! I’ve reached out to our XR Team for more information to help answer your question. I will post back here when I hear back!

Hi @darshhv1 ,

For streaming of non AR USD in create to mobile devices, you can try the webRTC extension in create. You will need to enable the extension in create under window → Extensions → search for webrtc , enable and follow the instructions. There seems to be a limitation of only one simultaneous client connection allowed atm, the first connection always drop when the second client connects.