Streaming Video from DSLR for Real-Time Processing


I’m looking for a way to stream live video from a DSLR camera (pretty with flexible with the brand) to the Jetson for real-time image processing. It is important that I will have control over the camera parameters such as exposure/ISO etc. and ideally have access to the RAW images.

So far, I have researched several options such as:

  1. gphoto2 - got pretty low FPS and also wasn’t working reliably.

  2. Using the HDMI output of the camera together with a HDMI2CSI converter. I plan to try it out soon but not sure whether I can have control over the camera parameters using this way (maybe combing it with gphoto2)

  3. I looked into several SDKs (Sony and Canon) + 3rd party libraries such has CHDK (seems pretty deprecated) but I doubt any of them is supported on the Jetson.

Any advice will be much appreciated.


  1. You may consult with camera partner to check the WDR sensors.
  2. This link can be referenced.
  3. Jetson only support multiple API for the 3rd party libraries you may need to check with vendor.

Thanks for the quick answer. I’m familiar with this HDMI2CSI product and there is a similar one from Auvidea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a way to control the camera. currently thinking about combining it with gphoto2.

You may need much detail information for the “provide a way to control camera”

As far I know, gphoto2 library can handle iso/sutter/focus etc. for most big vendors . Do you think it can work? (Streaming from the HDMI and controling through the USB)

For your request you may need developer your own v4l2 CID for the camera control.