String resource from java library not included

I’m using the google play apk expansion library (google-play-downloader_lib) and reference it in my with android.library.reference.1=…/…/…/3rdParty/google-play-downloader_lib

All of the java code from this library gets included correctly, but it does not include the generated files that comes from the libraries res/values/strings.xml. The library then crashes complaining that the strings are missing. Also if proguard is ran, it complains that the strings are missing. I’ve also manually inspected the final jar file to triple confirm that the strings are not in there.

Previously I was using vs-android (the project that Nsight Tegra is based on) and had no such problems. With vs-android, I can inspect the final jar file and see the library strings.
Other 3rd party libraries such as google games services that do not contain a strings.xml resource work without problem.

— EDIT: —
I’ve found the problem. It was down to using crashlytics in my Ant project. It didn’t play well with all overrides that Nsight Tegra does with Ant and was essentially destroying the generate-resources part of the build.