struct in cuda using struct in cuda

hi all
how can i use struct in cuda


It’s the same as C or C++.

struct Ray 


   float x, y, z;

   float dx, dy, dz;


Ray view;



typedef struct
double x;
double y;
double z;
} vector;

global void
cross_product(vector *v1,vector *v2,vector *result,int size)
int i;
int idx = blockIdx.x * blockDim.x + threadIdx.x;

      result[i].x = cuda_abs((v1[i].y*v2[i].z)-(v1[i].z*v2[i].y));
      result[i].y = -1 * cuda_abs((v1[i].x*v2[i].z)-(v1[i].z*v2[i].x));
      result[i].z = cuda_abs((v1[i].x*v2[i].y)-(v1[i].y*v2[i].x));


this is my sample
result[i].x,result[i].y and result[i].z always return 0.0

it should be different value for each step

Remember that you are using “double”, so what your device Capability. 1.3 is it right?


How can i learn my device Capability??

Run the deviceQuery example from the SDK, or just look it up in the Appendix of the programming guide.