Stuck after ubuntu configuration startup

I flashed nvidia jetson xavier (A206 carrier board) with jetpack 4.6 and 4.6.2 and i got same problem. after flashing successfully with sdkmanager board reboot and go through ubuntu configuration. I did configuration and then stuck in that display like the video below.
anyone can help me?

It’s really hard to see what is going on with the screenshot, but it looks like it is complaining about missing a couple of log files. By itself that wouldn’t be too much of an issue because upon reboot it would create any log files needed via the log rotate function. However, if you could provide a serial console boot log, then it would say a lot.

Do you have to fill in that first boot setup each time? Or is it just once after the flash? I don’t know the carrier board by number, is this a dev kit or an eMMC model on a third party carrier board?

Is this a case of the desktop remaining blank? Does the mouse work? If you can see the cursor move, then you could possibly right click and get a menu which would perhaps offer a chance to open a terminal. Alternately, a text mode console might be available if you use hot key binding “CTRL-ALT-F2”.

thanks for your response.
i used emmc model. after each boot, stuck as below picture then initial setup of ubuntu comes up:

notice that i can run terminal but don’t access root permission(such as sudo command). after ctrl+alt+del below picture reveals and in next 1 min, system restart and repeat previous state (as shown in above video):

with ctrl+alt+f2 i dont access root permission too.

It is difficult to say from the screenshots what is going on other than “something with login”. A serial console log would be much more useful if you can get one of those.

I am wondering though, was there anything unusual about the host PC used in flash? Mostly I am thinking about the filesystem which stored the flash content prior to flash. If this was not type “ext4” (e.g., type “NTFS” or “VFAT”), then flash would appear to work, but the underlying installation would have incorrect permissions and commands like sudo would fail.

thanks for your help
my host filesystem type was NTFS,
by reinstalling in ext4 problem solved!

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