Stuck at first boot after flashing JetPack over USB

Hey everybody,

I got an AGX Xavier 32GB Development kit, but I am still having trouble flashing it and setting up L4T for the first time.

I followed the kit’s user guide that tells you to download the SDK’s to your PC running Ubuntu 18.04, then plugged a display, mouse and keyboard to the Jetson, besides hooking it up to my local LAN and obviously the provided USB-C to USB-A cable on the front to the host computer. The host recognizes the dev kit correctly, downloads everything necessary and, after apparently completing the flashing process, displays a message asking me to wait for the Jetson to boot up the new OS and finish the wizard.

This is where I get stuck. I’ve tried the steps up to this point several times, and I got two different results, both unsuccessful: either I get no display output at all from the Jetson, or I get a Linux boot sequence which gets stuck at two “Start Jobs”, saying the following:
“(1 of 2) A start job is running for _(Debconf UI) (time / no limit)” and
“(2 of 2) A start job is running for End-user configuration after initial OEM installation (time / no limit)”

These processes never end, and I suspect an extra input is expected somewhere but I am lost as to where. The UG mentions that a lack of peripherals triggers a headless installation, which should be commanded through the serial port using the micro USB port, but no extra info is given.

Does anybody have any idea how should I proceed?

Thanks in advance

Please connect your ubuntu host to the flash port you are using to flash xavier devkit.

Check if there is an interface /dev/ttyACM0 appeared on ubuntu host after xavier boots up.

If there is one, use minicom to open it, you shall give you a terminal to do the user configuration.

Here is another post that happens similar case as yours.