Stuck in SDK components installing on Jetson TX2

I just jumped on the bandwagon of TX2

After flashing the emmc, the setup procedure stuck in the SDK components installing. I followed the hints shown the screen but none of them work.

The error message is regarding “sshd daemon.”

Hi @wing901,

Could you please share the logs from the “Terminal” tab from step 04 in the SDK Manager to have more information?

Also, do you know if the flash was successful, without the components? If you connect it to a display do you see something?


Thanks for your quick response.

I didn’t write down any logs from the terminal. The (TX2) login screen shown after flashing and “sudo update and upgrade” is no problem; therefore, I know the flashing is OK.

I used a laptop with ubuntu 18.04 as host computer and connected to TX2 via USB cable. Both systems connected to wifi. I think the problems probably were with ip address.

The flashing procedure is success after changing the automatic to manual but then stuck in installing SDK components. I will do it again later on.

Another question. Why the VLC icon doesn’t show up but the firefox icon does after installing? Some apps won’t show up after installing? It is somewhat weird.

Ok yeah so maybe you can check the IP on the TX2 and then ping it from your PC, connect over SSH to know it is working. After that you can try reinstalling the components with that IP address set.

For VLC, check if you have this icon file maybe you are missing it: /usr/share/vlc/vlc.ico


I tried to install SDK components last weekend again. Everything is OK and automatically update to a new version.

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