Stuck on 'FIrst-boot script processing complete.'

Installed Drive PX2 software through sdkmanager and am stuck on the first screen where it says ‘Auto-Run of Vibrante-Setup Scripts’. The last message is ‘First-boot script processing complete’ and the ‘next’ button is greyed out. Looked around and can’t find any real solutions besides re-flashing, which I tried without success. Not sure how to proceed.

Dear @Jlennox1,
Did you connect both board and host to internet while flashing? Do you see that window even after rebooting?

Yes both were connected to the internet. The board was connected through the GbE instead of the 10GbE by mistake but I don’t believe this should matter. I just re-booted and the same screen is coming up.

Dear @Jlennox1,
Please remove ~/.nvsdkm folder and try fresh installation and share logs(~/.nvsdkm folder). Double check if you have working internet connection to both host and target while flashing.

Can you point me to documentation on the proper way to set-up the system for installation?

Dear @Jlennox1,
The standard instructions for flashing are below.
DRIVE PX 2 is connected to the Internet via the Gb Ethernet MagJack

  • Check system requirements and prerequistes in

  • Host PC is connected to the Internet

  • DRIVE PX 2 is connected to the Host PC via the USB A-A debug cable. All other USB-serial adaptors must be unplugged from the DRIVE PX 2.

  • Exit all minicom terminal windows connected to the DRIVE PX 2

  • Flash the board using sdkmanager