Student discount for TK1 Project

I’m a student planning to build a small low power cluster for learning distributed programming. I’ve narrowed it down to the Jetson TK1 vs Odroid XU3 Lite for my nodes. I’d rather use the TK1 but it’s twice the cost per node. Is there any way to apply for a student discount for buying several boards?

I don’t know about discounts but what kind of distributed programming do you mean? If you want maximum compute efficiency, then using the GPUs on Jetsons through CUDA would probably give you significantly more compute power than Odroids. But if you are interested only in CPU programming, then you might be paying extra for the GPUs on Jetsons that you wouldn’t use anyway.

Nvidia does have a hardware donation program and you could write a proposal about your project and see if they would donate to you.

Here’s a link: