Stunt Rally

I noticed that Stunt Rally 2.4 has been released. I haven’t ever even heard about it but I decided to test how it runs on Jetson. Quite well with 1080p resolution. With “medium” settings it run smoothly but I’m not sure if I saw some rendering issues. With “higher” settings it definitely looked better but the FPS was below playable.

A bit off topic for this forum but I decided to post about it just case in somebody wants to test the OpenGL stuff :)

I followed these instructions:

PS. For some reason the Ogre engine reported empty for the CPU ID (I guess it should have said ARMv7) and “no” for NEON. I don’t know how extensively NEON is used in the engine but it could improve the performance in some cases, if enabled.

Looks cool. I’ll try it on my jetson asap. Anyway I think Jetson would be muh better with Android. Hopefully someone will make it soon.

Android vs. Linux preference is completely up to the user. Some (myself included) wouldn’t touch Android at all and some would prefer it over anything else. So having both would be the best option :)

I agree with you. Android is great Linux based OS, probably the best for ARM. However its not very suitable for use as a desktop os with mouse and keyboard.

Too bad it isnt supported for Jetson. Dual boot Ubuntu and Android would be awesome on this device.

Anyway, have you tried Stunt rally avanced graphics options, not just presets? You might make some chemistry for best performance-visuals ratio. Unfortunately internet is currently not an option on my Jetson so I cant install any programs

Re: Android apparently there is a dev working on this

I know. Great, isn’t it?. My reply is older than that thread so…