Stuttering issues with RTX A6000

I am having an issue with a RTX A6000 on Linux. The graphic performance is terrible. I have tried several things but just playing a full HD video is problematic, and whenever I watch nvidia-smi, there is stutter on every nvidia-smi refresh.

I am currently running Manjaro 5.15 but I have also tried Ubuntu 21.04 and the stuttering was also present.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (632.0 KB)

I just experienced very similar issues with an RTX A5000 on Ubuntu 20.04. The drivers were installed properly (495.44 I believe?). I ran into your post trying to troubleshoot it.

The external display I had connected would be recognized as having the correct resolution and framerate, but performance was horrible; at least half the frames were skipped. What fixed it was running nvidia-settings and manually setting the display resolution and refresh rate. Things have been running perfectly fine since then.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reporting issue to us, I will try first to duplicate issue internally and will keep you updated on it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried that, but it did not change anything. I also tried disconnecting one monitor, I tried re-installing the nvidia drivers, I tried a fresh install, but the issue is still there.
I should also mention that I previously had a 1660Ti, and it was running perfectly fine, no stutter or bad performance on light graphic tasks.

So I finally was able to test the card on another system, with a more powerful PSU and PCI Gen4, and the issue is still present. I also noticed that the idle consumption of the card is very high: between 80 and 100W while doing nothing.
Any update on the bug report ?