StyleGan3. The program hangs on Setting up PyTorch plugin "filtered_lrelu_plugin"

Hello. I use StyleGan3 from this repository GitHub - NVlabs/stylegan3: Official PyTorch implementation of StyleGAN3. I had everything working fine, but at some point, I interrupted the program without letting it finish. And now I’m facing the fact that the program hangs on Setting up PyTorch plugin "filtered_lrelu_plugin"... and nothing else happens. This happens both when trying to generate new images with and when trying to open the visualizer. In this case, visualizer opens but hangs with Loading and then the name of the network file. First I reinstalled torch and all related packages, then I replaced all the stylegan3 files with the ones downloaded from the repository. This didn’t help. So I completely deleted the virtual environment and re-created it by downloading and installing all the required modules. But the behavior has not changed. I have no idea what to do.
Windows 10