Subforums not shown on category index on desktop

They’re there on mobile, but not on desktop. For example, the DeepStream forum is not visible.

Correct, they don’t by design. The page display was way too long on Desktop to show subs.

Aha. In this case will just throw these suggestions out there:

  • provide a way to pin forums, or display the most recently used ones for a given user
  • provide a view of categories, sorted by popularity
  • provide a search for categories
  • move all subs to their parents
  • make the mobile view consistent with the desktop, since it too, is very long

In my case, I couldn’t remember what the DeepStream parent was and it took a few clicks and ctrl+f to find the appropriate forum.

Hi Mike,

I am looking into these options. It may take a couple days to get back on this.


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