Sublayer or reference usda file with python


I’m trying to reference my usda file using python and have the orientation corrected and achieve a similar behavior as if I were dragging the usda file from my content browser. The usda file references other usda files.
When I drag and drop my file from the content browser it shows my assets on the stage with this yellow arrow. I can’t tell if this is meant to show the file being referenced or is a sublayer.


But the usda file has an upAxis value and in this case it’s “Y”. When I drag it into the scene it is correctly orientated.

when I use the add_reference_to_stage function and specify “/World/myscene” as the path. All the assets aren’t orientated correctly.
I’ve tried to follow this code on this webpage:

But it doesn’t seem to correct the orientation either. Is there a function already made to behave in a similar way to the drag-and-drop method?