Subnet manager between different switch brand

Hello, into my infiniband cluster infrastructure i have a Intel IB switch (Intel True Scale Edge Switch 12300), i bough a new switch Mellanox voltaire 4036 and connected to the intel switch,

actually the intel switch is set as master with priority 0 but if i enable the 4036 switch subnet manager it do not became slave but master…

Is it normal or simply is not possible to activate the subnet manager in 2 different switch brands ?


A couple of comments on this:

  1. SM Priority 0 is lowest priority and 15 is highest. You might want to set Intel switch SM to be higher SM priority than Mellanox/Voltaire switch SM priority.

  2. Best practice is not to run different SM flavors in same subnet. There are many SM behaviors that are vendor specific and failover between the different flavors may be problematic.

Hope this helps,

– Hal