Subrotine that translates runtime error codes to text

Is there a PGI Fortran subroutine that can be called that returns the meaning of an IoStat error code issued following a call to a system routine such as open or read? This forum had a question about error codes dated in 2005 for which the answer was to go to Appendix B.4 of the user guide. The current user guide has no appendices and I’ve had no luck in searching for it in any PGI documents. What am I missing?

Look at the Documentation page via Bar at top of page.

Chapter nine has most of the error messages and message format.

Many of the error codes being passed to users
are from the OS. See the various errno.h and errno-base.h
header files to get a list of many of the codes.

find /usr/include -name “errno*”

and see if one of those files documents the error code in question.