Substance Painter 9 support?


I’m trying to use Substance Painter 9 with USD Composer 2022.3.1 but I get the message:

The Omniverse Substance 3D Painter Link Link Extension is out of date.

Are there plans to update it or is there a way to make the current one work ?


Hi Guillermo,

Which version of the Connector and Live Link extension do you currently have installed? The most recent Substance Painter Connector (version 203.0.204) is only compatible with the most recent version of the Live Link Extension (203.0.9). For compatibility, the major and minor versions between the two need to match (i.e. if you have a 203.0 connector, then you need a 203.0 extension). The 203.0.9 version of the extension was included with the 2023.1 Omniverse USD Composer release. Your options would be to either:

  1. If you want to use the latest versions, install the Omniverse USD Composer 2023.1 beta, and then install the latest Substance Painter Link Link extension via USD Composer’s extension manager (203.0.9) as well as the latest Substance Painter connector (version 203.0.204) via the Omniverse Launcher.

  2. If you need to remain on USD Composer 2022, you’d need to install an older version of the Substance Painter Connector via the Omniverse Launcher that matches the extension version that’s available with your USD Composer installation (if you’re using a 202 version of the extension, then you’d need a 202 version of the connector).

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thanks for the replay

I got it working with some of your comments. I had to remove both USD Composer and the painter connector. I reinstalled the beta version and this one is working.


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