Substance Painter to Omniverse / creator with SSS

Hey all, new to creator, but Im seeing great potential to work with it. Question regarding the SP connector, currently it only exports the standard PBR MDL with no SSS options.
It would be lovely to have SSS and even transmission channels made available in the exported omniPBRMDL or have the ability to change the material before exporting ( to the skin preset )
This would make for a smoother workflow, so we dont have to recreate the shader again just to have SSS options.
thank you

Thank you for this feedback. We agree that using OmniSurface and extending to even more materials is a great idea. We plan to add this, but in the near term we are focused on stability, usability, and other items that are just plain broken.

Even though we’ve discussed it internally in the past, I never had anything in our issue tracking system. I’ve added OM-48712 to track internally, we appreciate your feedback!

Do you have any sample images to show here with using Substance 3D Painter to generate Skin materials in Create? We’d love to see them.

hey there,
yes I recreated the shader manually with omnisurface with SSS plugged in, it looks very nice.