Substance Painter Unable to Save or Open from Omniverse Drive

When saving a file from Substance Painter to the Omniverse drive this error pops up:

[Project] Failed to save project to ‘O:/Projects/Project.spp’
[Project management] Save failed - this is unusual, check previous messages for more information

To try avoiding this I attempted to copy the .spp file manually into the Omniverse drive which causes this error:

[Project management] Failed to open project ‘O:/Projects/Project.spp’

It seems Substance Painter is unable to interface with the Omniverse drive?

Win 10 Build 19042.1415
Adobe Substance 3D Painter, version 7.3.0 Build 1272
Drive version 100.1.7
Happy to provide any logs.

Hello @electrolux! Welcome to the community!! I have passed along your post to our development team.

Some information that might be helpful here would be your Omniverse logs and your source files. If you are able to attach those, I’ll pass them along to our dev team.

  • Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs
  • Omniverse Drive Logs: C:\Users\<USERNANE>\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\Omniverse\logs\Drive

I was able to reproduce this issue, saving a Substance 3D Painter project to a Nucleus server using Omniverse Drive.

I found the Omniverse Drive log in a different place than Wendy specified here: C:\Users\<USERNANE>\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\Omniverse\logs\Drive

In the log I find this:

Null result for omni1SubscribeList(omniverse://localhost/Projects/): Result deserialization failure

My guess is that’s the reason for the failure with Painter. It’s possible that the way Painter saves/writes/accesses the project file(s) and associated lock files causes an issue. I have filed OM-42734 to track this issue.

Note, I would ask why you are saving Painter projects onto an Omniverse Nucleus server… You technically SHOULD be able to and I assume you’re doing it someone else can access the Painter project, but there’s no Omniverse functionality with .spp files at the moment.

Thank you for the quick reply. There is no logs in the directory you mentioned on my computer, the directory which @WendyGram mentioned contains various log folders though I’m not sure which relates to Drive, I have attached a screenshot of the folders:

Since posting the thread I’ve now run into another issue where Omniverse Drive does not remain active for more than a minute before becoming inaccessible and unresponsive. Windows simply pops up with ‘Location not avaliable’. I have tried re-installing and rebooting with no results.

@electrolux Can you send us the log files found at the directory Lou mentioned? C:\Users\<USERNANE>\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\Omniverse\logs\Drive