Substance SBSAR support

Hi Omniverse Team,

I have been unable to get substance SBSAR to work in Create 2022.3.0 at all, in Create 2022.2.2 I was able to bring the SBSAR into the scene and apply to the mesh but nothing is shown. Is sbsar support a work in progress or are there bugs on sbsar with the current Create ? Thank you.

I get my SBSAR from this website for testing fyi.

Hey DavidDPD!

We just released an update to create 2022.3.1, the team internally QA’ed the SBSAR plugin and it should be fully functional, would you mind giving the new update a try? If this still isn’t working for you, we’ll dig in.

@DaneTrain ,

Yup tested on the new create update and it is able to load the SBSAR file. Thank You.

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