Sudden Power Loss NX

I have a couple questions regarding the Sudden Power Loss condition for the NX Module. Our application is battery powered, so there is a risk that the user could pull the battery and trigger a sudden power loss event.

In all of these scenarios, we can assume this timing requirement from the Nvidia documentation is satisified:

  1. What does the the NX do during that 10ms hold-up time? Does it protect the EMMC against corruption due to power loss?
  2. Do we need to ensure we don’t write to the EMMC filesystem during a power loss?
  3. Is there risk to an attached SD card getting damaged during this power loss?
  4. Do we need to ensure we are not writing to the SD card, or should we attempt to unmount and disable the power to the SD card prior to a sudden power loss?

Thank you,

For custom design, during sudden power loss, only need to maintain the VDD_IN above 3.0V for enough time to finish the sequence. No other action is needed.

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