Sudivision won't work on meshes with skeletal binding

In USD Composer, subdivision on a mesh with skeletal binding won’t work. Seems like it only works on meshes without any joints/skeletal binding. How can it be fixed?

We do not support any mesh Subdivision inside USD Composer.

Thanks for your reply Richard!
And as for Machinima? I saw that problem in Machinima as well :/

Machinima is a discontinued product and very old. And all our apps are built on the principal on zero modeling abilities. All geometry deformation must be done outside our platform in your DCC applications.

I see. I was just wondering, because the subdivision (refinement) option is already active in USD Composer and Machinima, and it works - but specifically doesn’t work on mesh with skeletal bind.
Just wondering if there’s any plans to solve that :)