sudo apt-get install for TX2


After flashing an image to TX2 I have to install an extra package.

But I cannot connect TX2 to the Internet.

Where can I find specific deb(s) for the TX2 ?

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Which package? If you are looking for the CUDA or CUDA related packages, then those are generally only via JetPack/SDK Manager. There are tricks you can use to download the packages on an Ubuntu host PC somewhere else and then copy them to the TX2. The information on where to find packages depends on release, and so you’d have to tell us which version of JetPack or SDK Manager you are using.


Thank you for your reply.

In the TX2 I have to disable firewall.
So I tried: sudo ufw disable
and got:
sudo: ufw: command not found

I guess I have to do:
sudo apt-get install gufw

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The official Ubuntu repositories would have that, it isn’t specific to the TX2. It does require the arm64 architecture. The locations for finding these files is listed in “/etc/apt/sources.list” (refer to the one in your TX2), so for your release this should show base URLs along with the code name of the release, e.g., “bionic” if 18.04, but something else if 16.04.

You’re probably interested in “updates” first, but if you’ve never updated, then just “main”. Note that some of those are full system install directories at the base URL, but you can look at the “pool” directory for individual “.deb” files:
…so on…

For “ufw” it starts with “u” so:

After that it is just getting the most updated version (sometimes this will require updating something else, and so you would be forced to use the older version until the dependency is updated). Some packages are scripts useful in “all” architectures, but if binary, then you want “arm64”.

For gufw you will be interested in: