Sudo apt install doesnt work in jetson tk1

Hi ,
I am using Jetson tk1 which has ubuntu 14.04 , when I use sudo apt-get install package_name , the result is E: Package not found. It happens for all packages. I tried everything on internet but doesnt help! Is the support for the hardware and OS withdrawn?
Thank you

Do you ever run sudo apt-get update?

Update works fine sir , but when I try to run some packages It keeps throwing error!

What about the basic tools like “vim”?

Vim is already present sir , I tried to install i2c-tools but no luck! So i downloaded .deb of it and installed it. But now i want to download python3-pip when I do sudo apt-get install python3-pip , I get E: unable to locate package python3-pip

Don’t forget that a package won’t be visible if you have not enabled the repository which provides that package.

The “universe” repository provides package “i2c-tools”. If not already enabled, then one way to enable this is:
sudo add-apt-repository universe
…followed by:
sudo apt update

Once this is done, can you add i2c-tools using your same commands? Btw, python3-pip is also provided by the “universe” repository.

Thank you so much its working now! Btw… what was the problem can you please brief?

Is it correct that the steps to add repository “universe” allowed you find the package? The problem is that the packages have specific servers for particular packages, and the default servers know nothing about that package. Servers tend to be separated for what they provide based on either licensing or based on areas of interest. For example, a server may feature only free open source software, whereas another server might provide some sort of notice and also provide software which is only free for non-commercial use. Licensing is just one example though, and other servers might provide less well known software not officially maintained by Ubuntu.

Thank you so much sir ! Yes it worked fine after adding “universe” and now all softwares are installing correctly. And also thank you for clarifying my questions!