sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Where are the linux-headers for the Tegra?

I’m trying to build a driver for the EDImax EW-7811UAC/DAC using the following instructions:

I get the following error:

nusantao@Nano:~ sudo apt install linux-headers-(uname -r)
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package linux-headers-4.9.140-tegra
E: Couldn’t find any package by glob ‘linux-headers-4.9.140-tegra’
E: Couldn’t find any package by regex ‘linux-headers-4.9.140-tegra’

I just downloaded and installed the latest Jetpack which you recommended to get the EDImax wireless working.

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I tried this link’s solution to solve same problem but it does not work. Have you got any idea for the same issue?

I’m not positive, perhaps NVIDIA could answer this: Do the newer release packages and repo for Jetsons have available a separate package for headers? If so, then it would be a simple matter of the apt-get install when the correct repo is visible. If not, then you could perhaps place the kernel source at the correct location (which has headers as well as source) and it would “just work”, although you wouldn’t have an ability to update via apt.