Sudo command wont work

Hi, I’m new with jetson nano

I re-flashed my SD Card with Jetpack 4.5 (I was previously flashed with 4.6 but had to reflash to use DLR for greengrassv1)

All on headless setup:

I was able to use sudo command for things such as:

sudo apt install -y git cmake libpython3-dev python3-numpy
sudo make install

But after setting up my greengrass iot environment and deploying my lambda inference, I wanted to check my logs. Through the graphical explorer, I can see that the var folder within /greengrass/ggc/ locked.

When I try to use sudo chmod -R 777 var I get
“sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set”

You flashed your Jetson when using a non-Linux filesystem type. Filesystems such as NTFS have no understanding of Linux filesystem permissions, and sudo requires certain security to be allowed to use it. What filesystem type do you see from:
df -H -T /

It should show ext4. If it shows a Windows filesystem type (e.g., NTFS), then you’ll need to flash again while the flash content is on a Linux partition (if you used something like a VM to flash, and the VM runs on Windows using Windows disk space, then this would be the problem…the same VM could be used if the partition the generated image is created on is instead ext4). Having the wrong filesystem type will lead to a number of odd failures and is not something which can be repaired without flashing again.

I almost forgot, and should mention there may be some other complexities with SD card models of a Nano. You might want to mention if this is an eMMC model, or if it is an SD card model. If it is SD, then you should mention how the image was created (there is a bit of “magic” going on for this which may not be relevant to the eMMC model).

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