Sudo tegrastats cannot get GR3D info on Orin Agx

Hello, there is a weird condition on our Orin AGX device.
We use the tegrastats cmd to get the system HW info, but when we call the cmd under root privilege it showed the message as below
sudo tegrastats
10-25-2023 15:19:18 RAM 5758/30537MB (lfb 314x4MB) SWAP 10/15268MB (cached 0MB) CPU [4%@2188,4%@2188,0%@2188,4%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188] CV0@-256C CPU@53.968C Tboard@43C SOC2@50.75C Tdiode@44C SOC0@50.406C CV1@-256C GPU@50.625C tj@54.125C SOC1@51.406C CV2@-256C VDD_GPU_SOC 4361mW/4361mW VDD_CPU_CV 1188mW/1188mW VIN_SYS_5V0 4984mW/4984mW NC 0mW/0mW VDDQ_VDD2_1V8AO 897mW/897mW NC 0mW/0mW
The information without EMC_FREQ and GR3D_FREQ after get the CPU info.

But, if call the command without sudo or with -u to appoint user the EMC_FREQ and GR3D_FREQ would show up like below
“sudo -u username tegrastats” or “tegrastats”
10-25-2023 15:23:50 RAM 5757/30537MB (lfb 314x4MB) SWAP 10/15268MB (cached 0MB) CPU [5%@2188,9%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188,0%@2188] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 0% CV0@-256C CPU@53.593C Tboard@42C SOC2@50.343C Tdiode@43.75C SOC0@50.062C CV1@-256C GPU@50.375C tj@53.593C SOC1@51.343C CV2@-256C
Why the sudo case cannot get the full information? Is anyone face the similar situation?

the version we use as below

R35 (release), REVISION: 1.0, GCID: 31346300, BOARD: t186ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Thu Aug 25 18:41:45 UTC 2022

Hi tom217,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?

Could you update to the latest R35.4.1 to verify?

I’ve just verified on the AGX Orin devkit with R35.4.1. I could see EMC_FREQ and GR3D_FREQ no matter I use sudo or not.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, we use the custom board. And we have another custom board using R35.3.1 can get EMC_FREQ and GR3D_FREQ too.
Maybe there is something wrong on that version, is there some other ways to get the GPU usage besides upgrade version?

I think just as your original post, use -u to get those information.

Or you could try to copy the tegrastats binary from R35.3.1 to current R35.1.

ok thanks, I’ll try that

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