Sugestion: video/image guide to prepare bootable USB drive with Jetpack 4.5


If possible and any interest I ask you if you wouild make a video guide on how to prepare bootable USB drive with Jetpack 4.5. I have read through the text guide you link, but I get lost at recovery mode.

Thank you.


+1 here - that would be just amazing, because 2 days of my trial and error didn’t bring any results

+1 I have tried several things and as a result I’m still running from an SD card. The official documentation is quite confusing.

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The official documentation covers how to do it with the SDK Manager, but for doing so you must have a Debian-based distro in a x64 computer, then install SDKM, get some jumper wires or buttons, and carefully follow the instructions.
I also tried modifying /etc/fstab and /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf in the microSD image with no success.
A ready-to-write USB image (given that you already updated the QSPI from a microSD) would be nice.

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With all do respect, I was waiting for Jetpack 4.5 to be issued just for USB boot option. But comparing this to “idiot proof” microSD card prepartion, the procedure is quite demanding,with negative results as I read the comments.
I hope that Nvidia would make some kind of tool that would prepare USB drive/flash in a “single step”, more or less.

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