Suggest a linux distro that support Nvidia GeForce GT 520M

I have been trying to install Linux driver for my graphics card for last few months. But I didn’t succeed. When I install Nvidia driver the GUI breaks. Please suggest me a linux distro that supports this graphics card. Anyone succeeded installing linux driver for this graphics card? If yes Please tell me how to install.
Note: It’s a different type of graphics card with turn off switch that enables you to switch between on board graphics and graphics card.


Which distros have you tried?

By the looks of it? the nVidia GT 520M is supported up to the latest graphics drivers, which means you shouldn’t have any problems using it with Ubuntu. Ubuntu installs drivers via “additional drivers” tab found in the “Software & Updates” application.


nVidia Prime is what nVidia uses for enabling nVidia’s Optimus (get it? heh) to switch between the onboard Intel GMA and the nVidia GT520M in your system.

Otherwise? You can use other flavors of Ubuntu. I love XFCE, so I use Xubuntu. Cinnamon and Mate are also fantastic GUIs for Linux which are available with the still-user-friendly distro of Linux Mint.

Otherwise? If you feel adventurous? Arch Linux is pretty badass with the rolling updates it does, keeping you always up to date with the latest patches… but be warned, if theres a major issue like, latest kernel doesn’t work with nVidia drivers? You have to either recompile your own drivers or wait for an updated compile to appear on pacman and then update it via command line interface… I myself use Arch as my primary via the Antergos distro because I love how easy they made their Installer GUI, plus? It offers Cinnamon with a beautiful custom skin. :)