Suggest a solution to stream camera from nvidia jetson nano econ camera 120fps

Can anybody please suggest a solution to stream camera which is connected with NVIDIA Jetson nano board to a machine which is connected in the same network.

I tried some solutions everything works perfectly to stream upto 30FPS. But in my case have to stream 120FPS we facing some latency while trying to stream 120FPS.

Tried solutions (Tested in ubuntu 20.04 environment)

  1. Gstreamer,
  2. Python socket over udp,
  3. ffmpeg

It’s practically possible to stream 120fps with local network with Jetson nano?

Else what are all other alternatives like wired GigE camera’s or any other, please suggest


hello balajibrk,

just for confirmation, are you working with camera solution from e-con system?

Yes @JerryChang

Suggest to contact with E-CON to get the support. Thanks

Okay thank you

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