Suggestion for the deepstream-user-metadata-test example

• Hardware Platform ( GPU)
• DeepStream Version 6.2
• Issue Type( new requirements)
While I combined deepstream-user-metadata-test and deepstream-image-meta-test this two example. If I isolated these three function( in deepstream-user-metadata-test example) into another .c file.
and change those function into non static function.

The image usermeta data will disappear.
So there may have same function name in Deepstream library.

I suggest the deepstream-user-metadata-test example example should prompt user to change those function name instead just use static function.

One of the functions of static for c/c++ is to act as a action scope. So there is no need to prompt users for naming issues.

I think this is a implicit way to prompt user change the function name. For a beginner like me who come from Python to figure out the error. It spend me a lot of time.

Generally speaking, we don’t add attributes to the basic functionality of the language itself because there are too many. You can refer to the source code of Gstreamer: It’s too many statics.

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