Suggestion: Please add repository or mirror for installation of JetPack stuffs in Mainland China

Notorious China GFW blocks the jetpack download websites for online installation, and even with a VPN, the downloading of JetPack stuff (totally more than 7GB in size) is extremely unstable.

Why Nvidia not just set up a mirror or repository in Mainland China for the users in China? or just enclose one installation DVD with all stuff for offline installation?


@gong.ming.wei: As far as I am concerned offline dvd method you suggested wont make sense because:

  1. as a matter of fact jetsons come with somewhat preinstalled OS, do not they? [that may be obsolete by the moment of the device arrival]
  2. Releases of the OS are issued quite frtequent and there will be no use of obsolete offline dvd, in my opinion, as you will still want to get the most recent release
    Regarding the issues with accessing outside world from within China, in my opinion, the main issue that the language used in China differs from English and that will make hosting nvidia repos at for example baidu or whatever 360 or whatsoever cloud a challenge.
    On the other hand if you can get a somewhat vpn access or access to Google cloud or AWS cloud from china - you will be able to access the nvidia resources with ease, and it will only be an issue to get data from AWS/GCP to your device behind the GFW then.

All the above is my personal opinion.

Hi gong.ming.wei,

We have JetPack 3.2.1 released today, and it adds HTTPS for China, that should help.


Already tried your new version with https connection, now both download speed and stability are great!

Thanks very much.