(Suggestion) Reinforcement Learning "docker: invalid reference format" error

Hi, Nowdays i’m interested in isaac sim.
and to learn about this good software i followed docs.
but there are some errors due to plain image, jetpack image for jetson nano was updated.

i used Jetpack 4.5.1 (Isacc SDK required)
and i see “docker: invalid reference format” errors when i followed Hai Loc Lu, Michael Gussert 's post
and they said in this case set your environment variables again by calling source configure.sh.

but in my case it’s due to L4T version. so i had to change it.
i edited L4T version, Jetbot images version in “jetbot/docker/configure.sh” and “jetbot/docker/build/build.sh”
(or you can clone my github (GitHub - pnltoen/Jetpack_4.5.1-for-jetbot-Isaac_SIm-)

i hope this solution help people who want to follow fantastic isaac sim reinforcement learning blog post posted by Hai Loc Lu, Michael Gussert

Thank you pnlteon.
We will take a note

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