Suggestions for creating bootable firmware installation USB disk?

I would like to create a bootable USB disk that will quickly load into a CLI environment and run flint to update the firmware on Mellanox cards. I’ve done this before for other hardware using FreeDOS and EFI Shell, and creating scripts to execute the commands. However, there is not a version of MFT for either of those environments, so I’m not sure how to proceed. Is there an OS that will run MFT which can be set up in such a manner?

Thank you!

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the Mellanox Community.

Unfortunately, we do not have a LiveCD or LiveUSB available to run the Mellanox Firmware Tools from.

Various solutions are available on the internet on how-to create a LiveCD in which you can incorporate the Mellanox Firmware Tools into.

I took the liberty to create a LiveCD (ISO) and a LiveUSB (tarball) in which Mellanox Firmware Tools are integrated into.

You can download the files through the following links:

Account credentials: mlnx / 123456 (You can sudo su - with this account to become root)

For the LiveUSB, unpack the tarball on an empty formatted USB stick and follow the instructions in the ‘readme.txt’ file.

The LiveCD/LiveUSB also contains the latest available f/w bundle for Mellanox adapters currently support. You can find the ‘mlxup’ utility in the following path → /root/linux_x64. ‘mlxup -l’ will provide the list of available f/w versions for the adapters.

Thank you,

~Mellanox Technical Support