Suggestions for CUDA laptop Repost from m-series

I currently have an ATI based laptop and code my thesis on my desktop.
It’s a pain to only be able to work at a fixed location so I want to get a new/refurbished laptop with a cuda enabled chip.
The laptop isn’t meant to replace the desktop, but is to be used for development and testing.
I’ve looked at some Macbooks but I’m not sure if I would be getting my monies worth.
I have a price range around $1000.
Need something with at least 4 hours battery life.
Sturdy body (ie. if dropped once I don’t want plastic pieces breaking (I’m looking at you Dell and Sony))
If somebody could throw out something they are happy with or just something they’ve seen that might fit the bill I would be much appreciative.

Maybe try an Alienware m11x? They’ve got a GT335m, which would be fine for a bit of CUDA development. It’s an 11" netbook though, so if you’re planning to spend a few hours a day on it, you might consider something bigger.

Also, there’s a Sager Notebooks machine with a GT425M for a little under $1000:

As for build quality, there aren’t too many non-plastic laptops around that are under $1000. I wouldn’t discount Dell if you want to get a cheap machine – maybe even check eBay for a used Studio XPS 13, 15, or 16.

The NP5135 has been discontinued.
Any other suggestions out there.
I played with a MacBook Air 13" the other day and I liked how it felt.
Anyone like using it for development?

I don’t really use it for CUDA (application) development, but it is my primary laptop nowadays and I love it. Best laptop I’ve ever used.

I have recently switched to an 11" MacBook Air, and have no complaints other than the fact it doesn’t have a keyboard backlight.

I recently bought an ASUS G53J with a 460m. Quite powerful for computing. My only issue so far is that i would like to do debugging using the IGP for visual output. Has anyone managed to do this on linux(CUDA-GDB) or windows (nsight) ?

Here’s a follow up of sorts.
I went ahead and got the MacBook Air.
It’s pretty much what I was looking for.

Great, what’s the graphics card on your laptop.

Following up on the Alienware suggestion that someone made, the new Dell XPS 15 is a great buy. Mine came with a GT435M and a Core i7 740QM.

All the current MacBook Air models use the GeForce 320M, which is modest, but fine for development.