Suggestions for forum query methods?


(There’s no obvious place to ask questions about the forum itself, this section seemed the best fit)

I’m trying to find the correct way to phrase searches so I can see if someone has posted my problem before to the forum.

Currently, I am having trouble searching the following:

1 - if I want to search for an EXACT string - how do I do it? The follwing searches return every hit on the elements of the search:

  • Can’t find include file
    “Can’t find include file”
    Can’t AND find AND include AND file

In other words, the above searches return EVERY instance of any post with “Can’t” or “find” or “include” or “file”. Of course, if I were using Google (and maybe I should?) I would just use #2 on the list.

2 - How do you form regular expression searches?

I’m trying to search for every post where mpi.h is found. Except when I search on mpi.h I get every message with just mpi in it. I tried “mpi.h” and mpi.h and “mpi.h” but no success.

3 - How do you turn off the white text on found keywords in a search? It makes it very hard to read. Is it possible to go with red or maybe just an underline?



We are in the process of updating a new search. We hope to get this done in a month or two.

I ask our sys admin to update the search highlight color but he is not sure if the application allows us to do that. He will try.

Thank you for your patience.