Suggestions for Nsight 3.1!

after suggesting removing limitation of remote debugging for C++ AMP just as OGL/D3D/CUDA in current 3.0rc1 via “software preemption” I have been thinking some other things to improve(please don’t get me wrong is a great product right now):
*First is unified debugging (seems a session in GTC says unified host and GPU debugging of VS edition so may come soon )of host and GPU code like Nsight Eclipse is that solvable in short term (say this year… or requires improvements from Microsoft debugging apis?) I want this because eclipse edition doesn’t support right now single GPU debugging of CUDA code and not even graphics shaders (well OpenGL really in Linux)
*Please at least while not supporting full 4.3 OGL, support OpenGL debugging of applications using compute shader altough offering no info on this extra features… it’s incredible how even a function argument can break debugging support of OpenGL apps…
*Visual Studio 2012 has been already suggested…
So briefly resuming will be interesting to see what’s first to come (in GTC?) if Nsight VS with unified host GPU debugging or eclipse with single GPU debugging and even GL debugging?

This is due to a limitation in Visual Studio. We have been looking into a solution, but I am not sure of the current progress.

GL Compute debugging support should come in a future release.