suitable camera for jetson tx2 for low latency between capturing and displaying

hi, I have a question

I want to capture using V4L2 library but onboard camera(ov5693) output RAW BAYER DATA(GB10)

what is suitable camera for jetson tx2
(output NV12, 720x480@30fps or 640x480@30fps using V4L2 not LIBARGUS and lowtest latency I wish under 50ms)

please let me know

Hi gpqjffpgg, you may wish to contact the Jetson Camera Partners with your specifications, and get from them which imaging product(s) they recommend to fit your needs.

Hi gpqjffpgg,

We at e-con systems, a Jetson Camera Partner of NVIDIA, can customize some of our cameras to meet your requirements. Can you please mail your requirements to

BTW, noted that you are planning to use V4L2 and not libargus for your camera application. Suspect that your choice of V4L2 is to reduce latency. Bringing your attention to below snippet from NVIDIA’s L4T28.2.1 release note :

3.8 GStreamer and nvgstcapture Support

Beginning with r28.1, nvgstcapture is provided as deprecated. It will be replaced with a basic plugin built around libargus. The basic plugin will provide high-level camera control functionality. Any new applications requiring low-level control must be built using libargus.