Support for Alvar AR Tags?

For my robotics project, it is a requirement that we detect Alvar AR tags. Unfortunately it appears that the only AR tag library in Isaac 2020.1 is AprilTags, and this library appears to not directly support the necessary format.

It would be beneficial if Isaac provided codelets for multiple forms of AR tags.

Anyone know of a workaround for this?

There is no support planned for Alvar AR tags as of now. You could implement your own codelet though and model it on the publish/subscribe protos of the AprilTags codelet of course.

Thats unfortunate, but understandable given licensing.

I have created a codelet for reading Alvar tags, though I am stumped on how to do the pose estimation.
As of present I can detect the tags and their data reasonably well, but have no idea how to recover the pose data required to match the output FiducialListProto of the Apriltags module.

How does Apriltags do pose estimation? Was that something done in the codelet or the underlying library?Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

As an update, Figuring out poses from AR tags appears to be a classical Computer Vision problem, One I had already halfway solved in the process of reading the tag data to begin with.

In case this may be helpful to others, If you have the homograph of the AR tag, you can decompose that to obtain the Rotation and Translation vectors. OpenCV has a function for this.

From there, its a task of converting the resulting matrices into Quaternions and 3d Vectors and it can be fed into Isaac.

This is correct. You’ll need a properly calibrated camera intrinsics to derive the 6DOF pose, of course. The canonical CPU implementation of the AprilTag detector library is here for reference.