Support for GL_EXT_multiview_tessellation_geometry_shader on GeForce RTX family?

Hello there, I’ve found that the OpenGL multiview extension that also allows geometry shaders (GL_EXT_multiview_tessellation_geometry_shader) is not supported by the latest Windows GeForce drivers for RTX 2080Ti or RTX 3090. The equivalent functionality on Vulkan (VK_KHR_Multiview), however, is supported on both of those cards. According to this 2019 presentation, you are “working on it” (slide 58)… I expect it is supported by the professional/Quadro drivers… Is there any chance this extension will come to the GeForce (Studio) drivers, for consumer VR?

Also, since the Linux driver is unified (no distinction between GeForce vs pro/Quadro hardware), does that mean the extension will be supported on GeForce hardware (Ampere) on Linux, as well as pro NVIDIA RTX? (I’ll have to install Linux and check, unless someone already knows)


To answer my own question, today I checked on Manjaro with the latest NVIDIA Linux x64 driver (515.65.01), and GL_EXT_multiview_tesselation_geometry_shader is definitely not supported by RTX 3090 (same as on Windows). So although there is a unified (consumer/pro) driver on Linux, I guess the hardware type must be used to enable/disable this feature. It’s frustrating, because via Vulkan this capability (stereo/multi-view rendering that also supports geometry/tesselation shaders) is available, even on gaming GeForce RTX cards.

Request to the NVIDIA driver team: please make this extension available via the GeForce driver… (-;