Support for MQTT Broker in 3D Bodypose (deepstream-pose-estimation-app)?

• Hardware Platform: GPU
• DeepStream Version: 6.3
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version: 535
• Issue Type: new requirements

Currently the deepstream-pose-estimation-app seems to be hardcoded for Kafka message broker. Since Deepstream 6.3 now also supports MQTT, I would like to be able to select which type of message broker should be connected.

sorry for the late reply. are you test this sample ?

Sorry for being unprecise. I mean the deepstream-bodypose-3d sample.

it is not configurable in this sample, but the code is opensource. please refer to deepstream-test5, which is configurable. you can modify msgbroker’s property to customize.

Yes, always a valid option for open source ;-)

Just for those, who plan to go that way: The MQTT implementation in DS 6.3 currently has a bug: Deepstream (deepstream-test5-app) terminates when MQTT connection timed out

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