Support for NeoPixels Adfruit


Is it possible to add native support for the Neopixels?
Here is a link to one of the topics:


Any response to this request?

Thank you.

The NeoPixels require pretty precise timing.
You can actually achieve this yourself, by doing C++ GPIO from main memory.
You will need root access.
Start a thread, set it to real-time priority, and then use spin loops or usleep() to generate the appropriate waveform.
Yes, this will use a full core just to drive the NeoPixels, but that’s what an MCU does, too.

Hello, I realize that it is possible to achieve this using C++ to handle GPIO.

Will there be support for neopixels in the future?

Or is your statement about the precise timing a limiting factor here?

I am having this same problem.

In case others are, like me, trying to get NeoPixels working on Jetsons, there was an Adafruit SPI hack that worked with NeoPixels on the nano (since the SPI clock rate is 10-20 times faster than the 0.4MHz or 0.8MHz NeoPixels). Sadly, that solution seems to no longer work. At least I have not been able to get success with it (yet). If anyone else wants to try or use this as a starting point, here you go: Overview | CircuitPython Libraries on Linux and the NVIDIA Jetson Nano | Adafruit Learning System
You can also just add an external microcontroller, like an Arduino, to drive the NeoPixels, but, well, that’s lame. :-)